Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brain MRI

Yesterday I had my brain MRI that I was dreading. The staff at
the hospital is so unbelievably wonderful.
I am extremely claustrophobic so we did under anethesia.
I met with an anesthesiologist first who was very calming
and reassuring. All the nurses kept walking by saying "you look
familiar, Where do I know you from?".
Okay, so that is the problem with living in a small town. Everybody
knows you and most everybody cares about you.
I grew up in California and there was always an ulterior motive
if someone did soemthing for you. Out here, not so much. Oh don't
get me wrong. I have run into the creme del a creme of crum bums
out here but for the nost part everybody goes above and beyond
what you would ever expect.
I have done so much for the MS community for the 5 years I have lived
in Wisconsin I am pretty well known out here.
So I feel better about having done the MRI and I don't even care
abou the results. I know how I feel and that is the most important
Spent the morning working on the MS Walk trying to get sponsors,
sneakers sales, team members, etc.
I'm pooped and I have three months to go before the walk. Good grief
am I going to make it. Oh yeah ! And I have been getting orders all
morning ! yeah !!!

I can do anything. So this is where I should start singing I am woman
by Helen Reddy. haha!

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