Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MS Walk Meeting and Support Group

Last night was our MS Walk committee meeting. Things are moving right along.
I, of course, came home with a giant to do list. We changed locations for the walk this year
for a variety of reasons I won't get into to.
We are a small group of members this year for the same variety of reasons
I won't get into to. We seem to be right on schedule. I was so exhausted from going out earlier in the day. I was afraid I would put my head down and fall asleep. But there was enough junk food
in the room to make it oh so nauseating sleep wasn't as option.

Today was the my MS Support group meeting. It was our "Christmas Party" that got snowed out last month so we called it a " New Years Party" We held it at a restaurant Mark and I go to alot. It's a sports bar but it has been non smoking from day 1. Very easy to breathe and the food is good. Everybody who RSVP'd showed up except one and we had several that didn't RSVP but showed up anyway. What part of RSVP's mandatory do people not get.
Fortunately the restaurant just kept adding tables to accomadate us.

We laughed alot and got caught up. It was fun but there is always one you want to take out back and slap the shit out of. Except, this time I wasn't sure if they were going to make it out back before someone slapped him silly. I was in no mood so I stood up for myself, believe it or not,
and almost tossed the idiot out the door. I'm sorry I will not tolerate that in a support group or any other environment. He was very disrepectful and disgusting with his remarks.

What was even worse was we had a 10 year old kid there. I think by the time the event was over there was a line of who wanted to kick his butt.

We had a gift exchange so I brought one of my MS Bears. One of the women really wanted it so I made sure she got that gift. I got this cool mug and gingerbread hot chocolate. I really wanted it tonight but I will have to wait til tomorrow.

I came home and got caught up on my emails. I probably sent ot 25 emails. Some about the MS walk, some were friends, some were business.

I am ready to call it a night. If you live in the Sheboyghan Falls area of Wisconsin please be on
the lookout for a young sheltie pup who jumped her fence and is lost and panicked.
She is very skiddish of people ( a product of puppy mills) and we ( the sheltie rescue community ) are desperate to find her before the temps drop again in a few days. We have had a few sightings but we need all the help we can find to bring her home. She has a collar and tag. Please say a prayer that this beauty is safe and will come home soon. Her family( and extended family ) are scared out oftheir minds.


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