Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've got Ants in my Pants

I'm starting to get very excited about my cruise. I can hardly sit still.

I got the travel docs in the mail and suddenly it is really just around the
corner. The weather here is getting colder and I'm really needing a little sunshine
from something other than my dogs. I call them " my little patch of sunshine "because
they always find the littlest patch of sunshine, usually right in the middle of the floor, and
lay in the sun". I have learned to just walk around them.

I am trying to put together a list of what to bring. I have a tendency to always forget
something. Mark managed to get on the same flight coming home so we'll meet up
in Miami and fly home together. I wish he was coming with me but honestly I think I will meet
more people if I go without him. We have been to the Caribbean so many times and I spent so
much time in Puerto Rico on business.
I am just looking forward to getting away from it all. Except that my new Blackberry will
keep me informed on what is going on.

I told my support group that I will not be available that week and will not be checking my
home messages. Mark probably will and then email me if I need to get involved.

Have a good day everybody ! I'm going to stare out the window and look at the "frozen fog"
as they called it this morning on the news.


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