Sunday, January 18, 2009

A bunch of nothing

It snowed yesterday so we decided to forgo our plans and we just stayed home.

The temps are finally moving to a tolderable number ( above zero) so we ventured
out today to do all of our errands. After that I did the usual housework, laundry,etc.
Multiple Sclerosis, as we all know, doesn't like these brutally cold temps.

Sometimes my life can be so boring. I just rode my exercise bike however my right leg was not
feeling a part of the team. It started dancing around mid way thru it and I banged my knee
on the controls. Oh that felt good ! Life with multiple sclerosis. Every limb seems to have its own agenda.

Added some new items to the website. Got all my emails added to my Blackberry and updated my calendar. Once I get the hang of this I think it will really help me stay organized. And God knows, I could use my Multiple Sclerosis brain to be at least a little organized. haha!

Put together a few proposals for the upcoming MS Walk ( which I am on the committee for).I figured if I have to have multiple sclerosis I might as well try to find a cure by raising money for research.

It should be a busy week so I am pacing my body so I don't have any problems.

I should get the results of my MRI soon. Hopefully there are not too many new lesions.
Although my multiple sclerosis is really under control I don't want to really hear any
potentially negative news. It's just not me. Get away from me if you have any negativity
on you. I grew up with more than my share of that.


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Libby said...

Good luck on the mri!! it is kind of a rush of relief when they say "no new activity!'

Cathy said...

Thanks Libby

I'm hoping to get the results shortly.