Saturday, January 24, 2009

The search continues

Today Mark and I headed to Sheboyghan Falls to see if we could help
find the missing puppy.
We passed out fliers and searched the farms from our car. I am in no position
to tromp thru the farmlands but we were hoping to cover some ground others hadn't.

That area is almost all farms and tons of open space. It is covered in snow and
it was below zero this morning.

My heart like many others is breaking and there is nothing we can do.

Ebay is a product of a puppy mill. She is terrified of people and she is only
8 months old. She is terrified of cars. She was with other dogs and jumped
a five foot fence.

This is why we need regulations against puppy mills in this country. These dogs
are not easily rehabbed. They come with so many issues and they are so abused
and neglected. A normal dog getting loose is completely different than a puppy mill
dog. She has no instincts and is in a total panic.

If she survives this weather alone, there is no food because everything is snow covered.
She has no instincts to rummage through trash and she is terrified of people.

Please say a prayer for this little girl. I'm hoping someone has her in their home
ignoring the collar on her but I fear that is not the case.

Hug your dogs extra big tonight. Mine won't leave my sight, even for a minute.


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Cathy said...

See Sunday, January 25 post for an update !