Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The MS Shoppe . com

I have been so busy with the business I haven't had the chance to sit down and blog.

That is not a complain just a statement. Just filled the last order and had to place an order for more shirts with my screen printer so I didn't run out.

I have had numerous requests for 3XL so I am adding those sizes to my product lines.
I am also making a sweatshirt for one customer. I am not sure if I'll stock sweatshirts at this point because I am hoping the weather will get warmer. If anyone wants a sweatshirt I can order those too.

I have an ad running for the special price of the MSWalk shirts so I have been real busy. I'm glad the ad is working out. It is always a crap shoot when you spend money on advertising.

I am going to Capital Hill tomorrow with a group from NMSS. It is an organized event they do every year. We get to talk to our legislators and it is always alot of fun.
They aren't predicting terribly cold weather ( because it is along walk to the Capital from the hotel) but it is supppose to be rainy and windy.
For those of you who have never used a walker. They don't do so well in the wind. They are very lightweight and blow over. Ask me about my Puerto Rico experience on my cruise.

Going to Facebook for a while for mindless dribble and say hi to my friends ! Stop by and visit !

Have a good day, everybody. Back to work !!



Libby said...

oh, i hope it went well for you in dc! let us know!

Cathy said...

I actually went to Capital Hill in Madison, Wisconsin. We had a blast and I can't wait til next year. My legs did real well walking down the street from the hotel where we were meeting up that long steep hill. I'm exhausted and hoping for a massage tonight. Ok, so a girl can dream !