Thursday, March 12, 2009

Puppy Mill Auction

Yesterday the sheltie rescue we volunteer with went to an auction and came home with 4 adorable puppies. These puppies are from puppy mills and while I don't know all the circumstances I do know they will find a forever home with the right people.
Not the people that write a check for the "cute little puppy" but the person who will understand what a sheltie needs and deserves.
Shelties have natural instincts, traits ( some good and some not so good). They are escape artists as we all saw when one puppy mill puppy jumped a five ft fence.
Mine have a five ft fence and that always worries me.
Puppy mill dogs have to go thru a rehab period. They have spent their entire short lives in cages, have never walked on grass, are extremely afraid of humans.
They don't know how to play, or cuddle or what a toy looks like.
I am so grateful, like so many others, that the lady that runs this rescue has taken on 4 puppies at the same time. She is truly a saint in my book.
By the way, she always names them and she comes up with some doozies.
The last group were Ebay (our escapee), google, yahoo and spam. Every one who got adopted got their name changed. LOL
This group was Waylon, Willie, Loretta and Reba. Ya think she likes country music?

Good luck with this tiny group of love. I'm sure they will be ready for a great home soon and I'm sure you will find them the perfect one.. Thanks for all you do for the shelties in the world.



Libby said...

this is a great story! i love hearing about a puppy mill story with a happy ending!

Cathy said...

I tried to post a picture but the format was real funky.
They are so adorable I want one.

If you email me I'll send you the picture.