Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tiger's Back

Wow ! What an exciting golf tourney this afternoon.
It was very touch and go but Tiger did it.

I can't even imagine the pressure he has been under since he returned to golfing after knee surgery.
Let's face it, he is the best. And although Mr. Jack Nicklaus has been a fav for a long time, Tiger
is second to no one.
Jack Nicklaus aka the Golden Bear has been a long time fav for me. If you haven't already figured it out my dear Goldie was named after him. When we got her she was this little ball of gold fluff but she made this little purring sound I dubbed a roar so we named her Golden Bear.

Now that I have given up on golf ( or maybe it gave up on me) Multiple Sclerosis will do that to you. I do enjoy watching it on TV.

Tiger is an exceptional player and a great role model. Congrat ! Mr. Woods, you deserve this win and we ( the fans) lve to see you smile when you win.



Libby said...

i saw the finish of this, and i was so happy for him!

Diane J Standiford said...

Not to change the topic but you couldn't walk until you took Tysabri? Was it a foot drop issue or couldn't lift leg/hip issue, balance or what?

Cathy said...

I could walk before I took Tysabri. I just never left my home without my wheelchair becasue I always fell ( and you know homw much it is to stand up when everybody is watching you) or was completely exhausted.
Tysabri has helped my body incredibly.