Friday, March 20, 2009

Tysabri advocate

My "prep" session went well this morning. I was so afraid they would want to change my speech just two short weeks prior to my next event.

I was pleasantly surprised they really liked my speech and had only a few minor suggestions on tweaking it.
I'm okay with their suggestions and I will make the changes by the next call.
I often forget I'm the only one who knows how I used to be. So when I give my speech all they see is a person " who doesn't look very sick".
I do use my walker when I go to these events because I'm not comfortable without it at this point.
When I am in a writing mood I'll rework my speech. Right now, I have too much other stuff going on to relax and get " in the moment" to rewrite a speech.

I am looking forward to this event and if any of you are local please come. Stop by my website for the info and how to register. I feel like I will have my "posse" there because I have about 6 people who are coming to the event after meeting me at various events or are my friends who might be interested in trying Tysabri.
Try it you'll like it. Ok, I'm being silly. I'm in one of those silly moods. Now, what is it my former support group used to say about me.
Oh, I remember " I'm too perky". And you all know what I said. Email me if you need the exact verbage.

Have a great weekend . Hopefully we'll get some sun.

I made the decision recently to do the MS Walk in 2010 so if you see me around the neighborhood wave. I'll be walking the streets. haha!


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Libby said...

...perky...kathie lee gifford is the first person that comes to mind...she was so perky, she was annoying...i'm sure you're not like that!! :-D