Sunday, March 1, 2009

MS Walk

I am so excited to see how many people seem to be involved in the various MS Walks around the country.

There is isn't a day that goes by that I don't get at least one if not several emails about teams forming and wonderful ideas about how to raise money for NMSS.

This is a trying year with the economy the way it is and for me it makes every donation and sponsor for our team ( how original) even more special.

I am trying to raise the most money I can but I am impressed with how many are involved this year. I am proud of the MS community. We are a determined bunch and we will find a cure. I do believe it will be in my lifetime.

So here's my offer. I am slashing the price of the shirt on my website that reads " I do the MS walk everyday". Wear it and get people talking about the walk. Good way to raise money for your team or yourself.
This offer is good until the end of April ( which is when my walk is)

So everybody keep up the good work and keep those donations pouring in. I don't care which chapter( although I would love it to be my Wisconsin chapter) and let's find a cure.

I feel like I should have pom poms on and a short skirt. No I was never the cheerleader type. But yes, I was the short skirt type.


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