Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am woman hear me roar !

Ok, so I'm not Helen Reddy or whoever sang that song.

I am feeling better about the parent situation thanks to alot of
kind words and support reminding me how strong I really am.
If my parents can't deal with strong, positive people then maybe I don't
really need them in my life.
My hubby has been so supportive with the parent situation since the day we met
and he married me anyway. LOL My family is bizarre to say the least and quite selfish.
My therapist referred to them as narcissistic.

I got lots of hugs from my hubby and my dogs ( including Mud Puppy without the mud ) and I feel better about the situation.

So, I now I really need your help. We nicknamed Ripley "Mud Puppy" after his adventure in
the mud but I need a nickname for Noelle ( besides Bonehead). She is the jealous type so I have to think of something. Maybe I will call her my "snuggi" ( after that blanket with arms)

Have a great everyday. Smile often. It makes people think you are up to something. LOL


Dont' forget my special price on " I do the MSWalk everyday" shirts.


Libby said...

...hmmmm...which dog needs a nickname, the bigger one or the smaller one? boy or a girl? ...hmmm...thinking on it...

azoyizes said...

Your dogs are darling, and I'm glad they make you smile. maryann

Cathy said...

If you have read the book or saw the Noelle is very much like Marley when it comes to energy. She has never been destructive. She is a very very smart dog and I am constantly trying to teach her new things. We even went to class so she could become my service dog. When she has her backpack on she is so under control because now she has a job to do. Otherwise she runs at mach speed around the house and lands on you like a whale. LOL