Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stem Cells and a whole lot more

So stem cells have been in the news alot lately. Last week at Legislative Day here in Wisconsin we heard all about the promising research being done.
It is very impressive so much is being done and I'm proud that Wisconsin is a leader in this area.

Their are so many research projects going on from myelin repair ( a real biggie) to the injestion of worm eggs ( yuk)to bone density testing andso many more.

There are currently 10 research projects going on in Wisconsin, 8 researchers and 6.4 miliion funding by the NMSS. This is remarkable and commendable.

So as you plan your walk fundraising and people ask you where the money goes remind them of these types of projects. This is only Wisconsin, there is so much more going on out there.

Wisconsin has one of the highest number of people with MS in the country.. More than 10,000 people in Wisconsin live with MS. 1 in 500 in Wisconsin vs. 1 in 10,000 in Texas.

Something to think about.

Hope everybody has a great day. It's raining here and we'll probably get freezing rain later. And they wonder why Wisconsin has the highest rate of MS. Could it be we NEVER see the sun.


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Libby said...

well, cathy, just think...you could live in seattle...(but it really does look pretty there...wisconsin is too..in between the rain, that is...)