Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Multiple Sclerosis Overloaded Week

This has been quite the week. I'm on the MS Walk committee so I have been trying to tie up some loose ends for various projects forthe MS Walk.
The committee meeting was last night and I was pleasantly surprised to see we are indeed in good shape and that people were actually doing things. I felt like so much stuff had landed in my lap as in past years.

I have also been working on sponsors for my team ( really original name) .Yes, I'm trying to promote my new business. I designed a team shirt and asked certain businesses to sponsor the shirt for a donation. I didn't want a ton of businesses only those that were special to Mark and I. People who have helped the business or helped me grow physcially and spiritually.
I got a proof of the back of the shirt and as I expected it looks great. My screen printer and I bartered on this project. He picked up any extra charges for art, etc and I put his logo on the shirt.

I am also getting donations for our team from our family and friends. We got a donation yesterday and although I would like to publically thank them in this forum I will not to so I can protect their privacy. They know how very grateful we are for this generous donation.
These very secial people donated $500.00. My parents donated $10.00. Tells you who really wants to see me get better.
I received so many checks the past few days I can't possibly thank them all like this. They will just have to wait for my cheesy thank you note to arrive in the mail. LOL
Today I told my support group that I will no longer be attending the meetings. There are so many reasons but mainly I have way too much going on right now and unless someone can clone me I have to cut back. See I am learning to say NO. I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately and honestly taking it out on Mark.
So now I'm going downstairs, pouring myself a glass of champagne and eating a frosted brownie I baked earlier today.
I had a great dinner of leftover steak and homemade spaghetti squash ( yum) and mango salsa
(Mark's wonderful concoction)
I will be enjoying some TV, a cuddle with the dogs and then sleeeeeeeeeeeep !
Miss ya Mark ! See you tomorrow!!!

Have a great evening !


Don't forget the MS Walk shirt special (see website site for discounted price)


Libby said...

yay for the donations! (the generous & the not-so-generous...everything's appreciated...but i know it has to sting! it's almost a slap in the face! but, you're better than that, just rise above it, i have faith in you!) many, many hugs!

Cathy said...

you always say the nicest things.

It is a shame about my parents but I can't or won't harp on the negative when I am surrounded by so many other people who are supportive and genuine.