Monday, March 9, 2009

Burned again by my parents !

So a side note to Saturday's blog and Ripley's adventure thru the mud. My husband, Mark, has now nicknamed Ripley " Mud Puppy". It snowed all day sunday andthe only problem with that is that snow melts and I'll go thru Ripley's mud adventure again. Next time I am not goingto the grocery store. I'll be staying home and dog sitting.

The sun is out today so at least it is beautfiul. The snow is white. It had become real brown
and dirty looking there for a while. I think we are due for more snow soon.

I have been working on the MS Walk committee alot and trying to get things done. My biggest fear is that we get a foot of snow the day of the walk. Well, it is Wisconsin !

Donations are coming in and I am happy. I've got a big stack of checks.

It has been a real disappointment from my so called family. I was warned to not believe them when they said they would be there for me for the walk. The strange thing is they told everybody they would be supporting the walk. They even sent my mother in law a letter telling her they were supporting the walk this year. I should have never beleived them because now I am angry and hurt.
Things will never change with them. They just can't support their daughter with MS.
I don't have cooties just MS. Grow up you a-holes. Ok, now I feel better.
By the way, I got a check for $10 donation from my parents. They can afford to g oto Vegas on a regular basis and gamble away tons of dollars and they "support" their daughter with $10.

I give up. Lose my phone number ! I don't want to deal with you anymore. DNA does NOT make a family.

I'm goingto exercise. That will make me feel better because I don't need this kind of stress, no do I?

On a positive note, Thank you all for supporting Mark and I on this walk. I have decided I am going to try and walk the walk in 2010. It will be an emotional day for my peeps if I truly am able to do it.



Libby said...

go go go, cathy!! do NOT let the negatives in this life get to you! i keep reminding myself that God didnt cause this, but i have it because i'm strong enough to deal with it. from what i can see, mostly strong people have it...were they strong before the ms, too, or is the ms the cause of the strength?

Cathy said...

Thanks Libby for your kind words.
You knew exactly what to say and you reminded me how strong I really am.
Sometimes we all need to be reminded especially when our buttons are being pushed.