Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's raining and you know what that means

It been raining all night and is still raining and you know what that means.

Lets do the math...One dog( who likes to get dirty) plus one white kitchen floor ( that already has paw prints on it) plus no supervision equals ( oh no I can't even think about it) a total mess. Mud puppy as my husband has nicknamed him.

What a pessimist or is this a realists? Whatever the case I am worried. I have to go out for a bit and I'm afraid of what I'll come home to. Mark is in Europe so I am on my own. Eeek!

Maybe he will be so tired he'll sleep ( hopefully not on my comforter on our bed)
or maybe he'll just watch the TV I leave on for them when I'm gone.

Maybe I am selling crack ( haha, Libby) and maybe I'm just delusional but no sense in worrying about what I can't stop from happening.

I'm going out. I need a break. Ok, where am I going? To get my nails done. So there.

This is my pamper me day.
Have a great day everybody. Stay warm and dry if you are local. Rest because the snow is coming bigtime on Saturday and Sunday.


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Libby said...

you're getting snow this weekend? eeewwww! keep it, we DO NOT want it!! enjoy the 'pamper day'!