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What a Great Organization

Thought I would share this wonderful organization with you.
My friend works there and is so proud of what this organization does. You can tell when talking to him he loves what he does.

By William L. “Bill” Brayer

t is reported that over 2,750,000 people have MS and there are over 55,000 living in the Northwest alone, the highest incident rate anywhere.

It was Dr. Jean Martin Charcot (1825 - 1893) who first scientifically described, documented, and named the disease process, we still call Multiple Sclerosis. So named from the many scars found widely dispersed throughout the central nervous system (CNS), but are usually found to be arrayed in a symmetrical pattern near the Cerebrum's Lateral Ventricles.

MS has many symptoms and thus it is quite often difficult to diagnose as there are several other diseases that have the same symptoms. The disease is quite often triggered by a traumatic or medical experience.
Because many of the symptoms are not visible to the naked eye, MS has been often referred to as the “Invisible Disease.” As with snowflakes not being any two alike, there are virtually no two people with MS alike either, so people with MS are also sometimes referred to as having the “Snowflake Disease.”
MS is a debilitating disease that can affect any one or more parts of the body’s motoring system. It can have a gradual affect on the body or progress more rapidly depending on the symptoms.

MS does not discriminate: Men, women & children, of all ages, professional people, athletes and almost anyone can be diagnosed with the disease. One never knows when it might be him or her who is diagnosed with having it.
As of today, there is still no known cause or a cure for MS. After Millions of dollars and many years of study, medical research has yet to find a cause and develop a cure for it. Many people who have MS have waited patiently and need more than just medical help; they need financial assistance as well. That’s where you come in!
There are several MS organizations that provide various services, resources, and information for a person with MS and their families. Locally, there is the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) & MS Helping Hands-MSHH. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL. is the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF) who provides their services and resources to people with MS all over the country with many of them being free.

Each of these MS organizations has their own special areas of assistance or agendas. MS Helping Hands-MSHH, headquarted in Edmonds, WA is the only 100% all volunteer 501 (c) (3) non-profit MS organization in the country and has the mission statement: “To create and provide services & resources that will enhance the quality of life for people with Multiple Sclerosis.”
Founded in late 1999, MS Helping Hands-MSHH has been providing services and resources to people with MS who reside in the State of Washington that consists of the “MSHH Donor Closet”, financial assistance grants, sponsors two support groups and an on location MS support group at a local care – rehab center.
The MSHH Donor Closet, also founded in 199, is a one of a kind resource that recycles durable medical (DME) and mobility (ME) items to people with MS and others for a suggested minimum donation. MSHH has no salaried staff or administrative expenses, only monthly operating expenses. After all monthly operating expenses are paid; the remaining donations are used to provide the financial assistance grants to people with MS who reside in the State of Washington. MSHH maintains a three month reserve account in order to cover any shortfalls of donations received for the recycled DME/ME items in the Donor Closet.

MSHH is neither part of, nor affiliated with any other local or national Multiple Sclerosis organization. MSHH relies 100% on the Donor Closet donations, individual personal donations, memorial donations, special fund raising benefits or events and grants from special interest groups or organizations.
The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF) headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL has awarded a total of $36,000 in grants since 2002 to the operation of the Donor Closet for use for people with Multiple Sclerosis residing in the State of Washington.
Boeing Employees Community Fund (BECF) awarded a $46,700 grant in 2007 for the purchase of a new Dodge Sprinter Van with a lift.
United Way of Snohomish County awarded a $5,000 grant in 2006 to be used by the Donor Closet to purchase new DME/ME items often requested but not always in Inventory.
Several who volunteer to serve on the MSHH Board of Directors, are officers of the MSHH Corporation, serve on the MSHH Advisory Committee or work at the MSHH Donor Closet, have MS.
MS Helping Hands-MSHH has been honored or recognized many times both locally and nationally, including a “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition” in recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community by Congressman Jay Inslee of the US Congress.
You can make a difference in the life of someone who has Multiple Sclerosis by getting involved, either by giving some of your spare time (volunteering) or financially.
(Note: Bill Brayer has had MS for over 57 years)


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