Monday, March 23, 2009

Tysabri day, oh yeah !

Today was my Tysabri infusion. I know I must be nuts but I really look forward to it.

Usually the week before my Tysabri infusion I drag a bit but you can see from my previous blog entry that Mark and I went for a walk on Sunday.I also went 2 miles on exercise bike Friday night.

I really look forward to my infusion because I know I'm going to have a great day. I love the hospital where I have it done and it is a fun atmosphere. I always meet someone and we talk.

Today Mark left for Europe so he dropped me off an hour early. I wasn't quite awake so I sat and did Sudoku. You know I'm hooked on my sudoku. It's keeps my brain going. Maybe it's because I went to school to become an accountant and I like numbers.

They were running behind ( so not like them) which means someone was probably late to their appointment and the rest of the day ofthe day was off.

I went for a walk because I had some time and because I was wearing my pedometer and wanted to add to my step total. I think I have become obsessed.

The handi van brought me home ( albeit late as usual) and when I arrived home I was petrified that Ripley was going to greet me covered on mud. It had been raining all morning. He greeted me with a big smile and lots of sloppy kisses. Noelle did the same.

I talked to Mark briefly on the phone and we will talk again tomorrow morning my time when he arrives in Belgium. Europe trips are always the hardest on me because of the time difference. 7 hours. We often are so tired that we get confused who is ahead of whom. I thin kwe have both
called each other at ridiculous times. Oh well.

So 4 weeks from now I will go back for nest Tysabri fix. Yeah !
I can't tell you how much I love this med.



Libby said...

cathy...can i try tysabri & go back on avonex if i wanted to? you make it sound so good...(good thing you're not selling crack, huh??) ;-D

Cathy said...

You can't do both at the same time. The only thing I am not comfortable with is going off Tysabri for a while and then going back on it. They call it "med vacation" but I am hesitant.
Talk to your doctor.And did I ssy I wasn't selling crack? huh?