Sunday, March 22, 2009

These feet keep walking

Mark and I just came back from a walk down the street.
As there is finally no snow on the sidewalk and the temps were nice we decided to go for a walk.

Only to the corner and back. It was very windy and my walker was blowing around a bit which makes me use more energy just to hold on to it.

There were a ton of kids in the park and several neighbors doing yardwork. We got a lot of doubletakes as my neighbors watched me walk down the street.
As some of you may know, I am really self conscious of the way I walk. I should be proud that I am walking and not using my wheelchair still but I am still self conscious.
These MS legs made me proud this weekend. Between the exercise bike Friday night. An all time farthest distance for me of 2 miles and this walk today I am feeling confident I can pull off three miles.
If determination counts for anything, I am determined. I plan to do this slowly and thoroughly
( for those of you who know me well as Miss Organized) know I have to plan everything and then re plan it. haha !

I will keep you updated on my training for my Olympics. LOL.

Have a great day. It is such a beautiful day.



Libby said...

yay, cathy!! high fives to ya!! not much better than a summy day, is there?

Libby said...