Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I keep dropping everything

I have had one of those today and it is far from over.

I have the drops today. Everything I touch I drop or break. Not always my fault but things keep breaking today.
The dogs who are usually uncooperative the first day Mark is gone lived up to their routine. Meal time was a disaster when Noelle decided to run upstairs and wouldn't come back down. Even when I shook the dogs food tub. I figured that would create some hunger. I went up to get her and she just laid there not interested. I finally got them to go back downstairs and she ran back up before I could feed them.
So I went back to bed. I figured they weren't hungry. I finally fed them about 8:30 in the morning instead of their usual 5:30.
When I got in the shower I realized the new rack Mark had installed had already fallen apart. The first rack had fallen and as I was showering the bottom rack fell off. I just about jumped threw the window.
As I was making lunch or deciding what to eat I thought soup sounded good. When I opened the cabiniet the soup came out to greet me. Unfortunately it landed on a plate I had on the counter.
A zillion pieces later I decided I just wanted to go back to bed.

I have so much to do today and I am afraid to touch anything. I have a MS Walk committee meeting tonight and I am thinking maybe I should lock myself in the house and not go.

I really hate days like this. I have dropped so many things. It is taking forever to get anything done.
How many hours are left in this day?


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