Monday, March 30, 2009

volunteers fix home of MS patient

You know I just love these stories !

Good work Akron !

The campaign to renovate the home of multiple sclerosis patient Sue Lang — who works as a safety communication technician alongside 911 operators for the Akron Police Department — is going forward at a pretty good clip.

Lang's home has not only fallen into a state of disrepair, but it's also not handicapped accessible. She uses a wheelchair and needs the house to be in order to maintain her independence.
Akron Police detective Mildred ''Millie'' Morris and others went to the rescue.

''We had about 20 volunteers attack the house,'' Morris said of the Herculean event that transpired on a recent Sunday at Lang's home. ''We knocked out all of the ceilings, old cabinets and gutted the bathroom. . . .

''On Friday, volunteers from Home Depot came out to install insulation and drywall for the ceilings. . . .
''We hope to install kitchen cabinets by April 3. Next we will plan out the bath and type of flooring.''
Several of those volunteering for this do-the-right-thing, life-altering cause for Sue Lang include students from Akron's St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, Lang's alma mater.

Juniors on the football team, Brian Cresswell Jr. and Bryant Ausperk, have donated muscle to the cause and are planning to hold a Spirit Day at school to help raise funds for materials.
Ausperk even got his father involved; Skip Ausperk, owner of Valley Trucking & Recycling in Peninsula, donated two Dumpsters to collect debris. Cresswell's father is a member of the Akron Police Department and is doing his part.
As far as the safety forces' involvement in the project, Morris reports that ''So far police are holding the line and are out in front! ''



awb said...

I retired from the Sheriff's 12 years ago, I don't think I could have done this without the support of the men and women I worked with. They are a unique group of people.

Diane J Standiford said...

So uplifting. This is what we all need a whole lot more of.

Libby said...

this is really great to see, cathy! i'm glad you post things like this!