Saturday, March 7, 2009

Anyone want a dog? haha!

The past few days have been warm enough to melt most of the snow in our backyard. Unfortunatley the ground is still frozen so we have standing water or should I say mud.

Today we went to the grocery store to return to a mess like I have never seen before.
There wasn't an inch of my WHITE kitchen floor that wasn't covered in a muddy paw print.

Of course, when they heard us coming home they ran to the front door. Muddy paw prints outlined their path from the doggy door thru the kitchen, dining room, living room and ended in the foyer.
Did I mention I have all hardwood floors, except the WHITE kitchen floor. These are the original hardwood floors from 1895 and not so easy to maintain.
We started bringing in bags from the grocery store when I took a good look at Ripley. Oh my god, I wanted to kill him or at least laugh in his face. He was covered in mud up to his nose.
Remember these are long hair shelties. Beautifully cleaned and just groomed long hair shelties.

He was exhausted so he laid on the floor leaving more mud while we put the groceries away.
This was not a towel off the dog incident, this was a bath.
Okay for those of who do not know Ripley is a rescue dog and doesn't react like normal dogs. We were both so pissed at the mess and neither one of us was in the mood to wash an uncooperative long haired dog.
We finsihed the groceries, ate a real quick lunch and started to tackle the unexpected projects. Mark took Ripley in the bathroom and threw him in tub. I got the mop and started on the floors.
I mopped the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and the foyer. Oh yeah, I usually don't do the floors because of my MS. It is way too much for me.
So, now I'm trying to wait for the dog more because I don't have a dry towel in the house.
They are all in the washing machine. Ripley is a soggy doggy and looking quite pathetic.

He is laying at my feet trying to get back on my good side. If he didn't look so darn cute wet I would have wrung his neck.
When we took off his bandana ge got from the groomer we noticed all his tags were gone.
So Mark is out tryingto get him a new tag. We called the vet and got a new rabies tag and I just ordered a new tag for his microchip online.
I need to comb him out completely so that's where I am headed. If anybody wants a dog, please let me know. just kidding !
And so ironic we are expecting 6-10 inches tomorrow of snow !!


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