Monday, March 2, 2009

Decked out in orange

Here is a picture of our home decorated with orange lights this week to recognize MS Awareness week.

Our home, a Victorian built in 1895, is a seven gables home and therefore has an unusual roof line so we hung the orange lights around the porch.

It looks very cool at night and I am sure it is raising alot of questions about the significance of the lights.

We live on the designated ambulance route and the street gets alot of traffic by hospital employees. The residents nicknamed it Nascar.

Thought you might like to see my little contribution to raising awareness for MS.

Thank You very much to my wonderful hubby who hung those lights yesterday. It was 10 degrees outside and he was freezing his rear off.


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Libby said...

...House of the Seven Gables...i know that's a book, but i can't remember who wrote it! Your house is beautiful~!

Libby said...

...oh, yeah...nathaniel hawthorne!

Herrad said...

Great photo of the lights and your lovely house.
Keep warm and well/

Cathy said...

Libby and Herrad,

Thanks for commenting on our home. It is a beauty. We bought it two months before I was diagnoosed and I really struggled to get around for along time. Technically between the basement and the attic
it is 4 storys.