Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Extra helping of stress

The past day and a half have been so stressful.
We arrived home from Pittsburgh to find a virus
on the computer.
We have a virus program but it seemed to worm
it's way into the system anyway and it did a job.

We immediately halted the internet but we couldn't
get the system to come back up. We made alot of
calls to Dell's customer service. They were wonderful
by the way. It took several calls because the virus had done
alot of damage and we had to take it step by step
to fix it.
Finally I made the last call to India ( no kidding) and
they patiently walked me thru the last step. I can't say enough
about how good their customer service is.
After I hung up with them I reinstalled all the programs,
the virus software, email, word ,etc.
My head was ready to explode. That's alot of brain power
for a Multiple Sclerosis brain.

We saved almost everything to a backup system but
We couldn't figure out how to save our favorites list
of websites. Our website is on a different server so
it was never affected.
Boy am I glad that is over. My husband made me a
cup of hot cocoa. I'm thinkng I could of used a shot of
Bailey's in it.
Hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving and
enjoyed all the deals shopping both online and at the
malls. I enjoyed it. If you are looking for a gift, please check
out our site. Their is something for everyone.
Monday was my Tysabri infusion and as usual everything
went well. Came home and did mounds of laundry.
Have a great day.


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