Monday, December 22, 2008

He made it home!

Mark finally made it home yesterday late morning. It was about 10 below
zero and the wind chill made it feel even colder.
He is feeling better from the bout of food poisoning he got in Europe.

For as cold as it has been my MS body is holding up well. Last night I couldn't
sleep though. Tons of things going thru my mind.
I have so much to do and very little has to do with the holidays. Just a lot
of business stuff I didn't get done last week. I have a few new products
to add to the site and tweek a few Amazon items.
I am very tired but I will keep pushing myself as long as I have to.
My to do is getting some items checked off and that will keep me going. I
usually try to do the ones I don't want to first but I ran into a few snags
with those so I'll knock off as many others as I can.


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