Friday, December 5, 2008

Tysabri Advocates conference call

Yesterday I had a conference call for the Tysabri advocates. There are many things I like about being an advocate for this company. One of the biggest things is how they make us feel important. They always run ideas by us for input. I really feel that is so important and reassuring we are being heard.
We are such a diverse group of people but yet they let everybody express their opinions.
As many of you know, my success with Tysabri has been tremendous. I would have never in a million years ever thought I would be involved with a drug company in this role.
I, personally, believe we are an overmedicated society. I take very little meds for my MS.
Only the Tysabri and a muscle relaxer ( Zanaflex) to help my legs while I sleep.
When Biogen called me and asked if I would be interested in sharing my story,I was a little hesitant. I used to be such a private person and now I'm speaking all over Wisconsin.
I know I made the right decision to become involved in the Tysabri Advocate's program.

Whenever I share my story, I always see people wipe their eyes. I know I have come a long way since my diagnosis and I do beleive it is a large part due to Tysabri. It is nice to have people
thank me for sharing my story. To tell me I touched them, or inspired them. That means alot to me. My husband is probably tired of hearing of my speech, in fact, we often joke he could probably recite it.

I feel like a part of a team that is very special. Not all drug companies are big bad awful people.
Biogen is human and they really care. I appreciate it.

I'm listening to my IPOD as I am typing this. I like to listen to it on the "shuffle mode" so I am surprised by the next song. I started out listening to the Go Go's and now Neil Diamond.
So I'm going to listen to Sweet Caroline. It's a good thing you can't hear me sing !!!


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God bless you, Cathy.