Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanksgiving was great. Mark, my hubby, made a turkey for
Thanksgiving dinner. He is such a good cook. We had all the
trimmings but not too much.
On friday, we decided to try our hand at a little shopping later
in the day. We hit a few stores and of course, being in the
Pittsburgh area, we went to Sarris for lunch, kind of lunch.
Sarris is actually a candy shop but they also have an old
fashioned ice cream parlour. Lunch was yummy !
Lots of hot fudge. We also picked up a few candy gifts
for people on our very short list this year.

We will hit the road back home tomorrow. Hopefully the
weather will be better. They are predicting snow in
some areas we will be going thru and I hope everything
goes smoothly. I know our vehicle can handle it. I am
always concerned about the other guy who is impatient
and in a rush and is not paying attention.

We will fill all orders when we get back home. Everybody
seems to understand the extra time for the holiday.

Traveling by car is indeed a challenge when you have
Multiple sclerosis. Your body seems to freeze up after
sitting for so long. I have been trying to do some stretching
exercises to keep me functioning. When I get home I will
be in better shape with all my exercise gear.
Will talk to you when we get back home. Not sure when
we are picking up the doggies.


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