Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's snowing and snowing and snowing !

We woke up this morning to a news report that we had 5 inches of snow. I'd like to find
that area in our very small city that only got 5 inches of snow.
It was more like 8 inches and it has been snowing all day long and is still snowing.

Mark has snow blowed the drive TWICE. Now I do believe, Sherlock, that means we
got more than 5 inches of snow. Maybe the weather people have a different type of ruler
with the first three numbers removed ( possibly for safety reasons) or possibly
they can't count all the way to 8.
Now, folks, I can count to 8 in about four languages.
Mark is exhausted. He is on furlough this week. The company is actually on furlough
nest week but he will be in Europe so they made him take this week off without pay.

Monday morning the cell phone goes off, Tuesday he has a conference call. What part of
furlough do these people not get?? At least let him take a week off without the
phone calls, conference calls, meetings, etc. At least let him spend some time with me.
He travels alot, away from me, so let him take some time off please. He deserves that at the very least.
I made french onion soup from scratch this morning so when he came in from snow blowing the driveway he could have something hot ( besides me, haha).
I am making veal piccata for dinner. My specialty. It takes alot out of me but it is oh so good !
All the Christmas cards are mailed, a box for a project I have been working on was mailed and the Christmas gifts go out to UPS tomorrow. All my gifts to Mark( which isn't much this year) are wrapped and under the tree and I have absolutely no energy left to do anything.

I'm having an MS moment and I need to calm down. Relax. I think I'll find a magazine and
just park myself on the couch.


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