Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trying to get home

Mark is trying to get home from Europe today. It doesn't look promising.

We are expecting another snow storm tonight about the time he was scheduled to
land from Frankfurt, Germany.
I have no way to contact him except I did give him the heads up yesterday and
suggested he bring some snacks with him because he was probably in for a long night.

We got about a foot of snow yesterday and my neighbor (Bless him) snow blowed all that muck
off the driveway and porch. I did the back steps and porch TWICE just to keep
up with it. Ripley, my big dog who is old and has arthritis, had a really hard time
getting down the stairs at 5:15 am when I first took them out.
I ran, pardon the pun, down the steps in my PJ's, my ski coat and fuzzy hat ( that Noelle
hates) and slippers to help him. Don't tell the fashion police.
They sat in the middle of all that snow and watched me clean the steps.

I had to do it again just a few hours later but this time I just did it with my hands.
My back hurt so bad last night.

Last night, about 11 pm my cell phone rings. It was in the other room charging. I
stumbled out of bed and over the dog to retrieve it. It was United Airlines changing
my husbands flight. Duh? Why are they callimg me? Great way to take care of a
frequent flier.

I left him a message because he was already in flight. It appears they are cancelling
everything from Chicago to Milwaukee tonight because they have him booked
on a flight tomorrow.
It is only a two and a half hour drive but not in the snow. Besides his car is in
Milwaukee. They do offer a bus service to Milwaukee but not always in the snow.
He could also rent a car. Boy that is comforting. Let's rent a car, not well maintained,
and doesn't handle well in the snow and drive home.

I have a feeling I am in for a very long and frustrating night.


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