Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tysabri Infusion yesterday

Yesterday was my Tysabri infusion. When I walked in I noticed the
chairs were turned. I then noticed my friend sitting in one of the chairs
so I figured the nurses intentionally scheduled all of us MSer's for the same
time to get our Tysabri infusion.
We had tried for months to try and pull it off and I was happy to see it
had happened yesterday. I wasn't really in the mood to go to the hospital
yesterday. I guess you could I say I was in a "funk". Really just wanted to
be left alone. After just a few minutes the three of us were laughing like we
had been friends our whole life. I thanked them for helping me thru my little
"funk". We all ordered breakfast(our hopsital provides food at no charge when
you have treatments like Tysabri ) and I felt like I was having breakfast with
the girls. Before I knew it, our time was up and we were all on our way.
I guess if you have to spend a few hours at the hospital getting a Tysabri infusion
it is wonderful to be with others who are also getting a Tysabri infusion. It was alot of
fun and we all scheduled next month at the same time.
I have to also say the nurses at the hospital are great. They make this experience
so easy. Not that the Tysabri infusion is any big deal, it is just icing on the cake
when you have a staff that really cares.

After my infusion we went to the hospital health shoppe, which is actually off site.
I had a gift certificate I wanted to use. I got a folding cane and a new grabber( to get
things off shelves).
I can't believe I went from a cane to a wheelchair to a walker to an oversized four prong
cane to a stick cane. I thought the folding one might help me when I take my cruise next
Thanks Tysabri for giving me my life back. I have so much to do in a short time.
My to do list is ready and I'm adding new challenges everyday. Look out world, here I come ! Happy New Year to me and to all my faithful readers.


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