Wednesday, December 10, 2008

my MS hung in there today

Today Mark and I did so much I thought my MS legs were going to
collapse right out from under me but they didn't. I am so proud
of myself for pacing myself and keeping up with the workload.
It was 5 degrees when we left the house to start our errands.
Yes, for you Floridians I did say 5 degrees. My friends in flroida always
brag about their weather.
Mark is on furlough this week so we had a laundry list ( including laundry)
of things we needed to get done. First we went to the UPS store to mail
the final package of gifts to family. Then we went to the cheese store
(Casa Anna's here in FDL) and bought the mandatory cheese gifts for family.
Everybody we know wants cheese from Wisconsin for Christmas. Go figure !!

We proceeded to go to my doctor appt. Something I have been trying
to keep out of my mind for the last six months. I had surgery last Thanksgiving
because of a biopsy that didn't come back good. We'll just say that because I
really don't want to discuss all of my private medical problems. I should get the results
the early part of next week. Mark will be in Europe probably when I get the results.
Let's just hope everything turns out okay. Meanwhile it will go right back into the
back of my brain. Until I have something to worry about I will try and forget about it.

After my Doctor appt we went to lunch. We ate at the restaurant that was
suppose to host my MS Support Group party last night but we cancelled because of
the weather. Anyway, I booked a day in January. It will be our regular MS support
group meeting day except it will be at a restaurant instead of the hospital.
I had a grilled cheese because I really needed comfort food. Ya know what I mean !

After that we went to pick up my prescription and went to a sports equipment store
where we purchased a gift to each other, An exercise bike. I really feel my MS will
now enable me to exercise more often and differently than I am currently doing.
I do alot of exercise now but I need something to strengthen my legs and I am hoping
the exercise bike will really help my MS not hurt it.

I know most doctors don't believe in exercise but I don't listen very well to negative
people. Besides the only way to strengthen my weakened MS legs is to push them
just a little bit more each day.

When we finally made it home I started laundry, made the bed and crawled in it
and fell asleep. Boy did I need a nap. 30 minutes and I am a new person.
Mark, however, made dinner. There is something to be said about a man who can cook.
Now he is putting together our "eay to assemble" exercise bike. It's a good thing
he is an engineer!

Another day of MS and I conquered it head on. Go away MS, I'm not letting you
intrude on another moment of my day.


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