Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday Card

I just posted our holiday card for this year. We always do a fun card.

The actual card that was sent had three small photo's underneath the
large group photo. On the left was a picture of me skiing last January at the
adaptive ski program.
On the right was Mark skiing on our trip to Reno/Tahoe
also last January.
And in the middle was an adorable picture of our beloved Goldie. She is sitting on the grass barking and looking up. If I remember correctly I was teaching the big dogs how
to do an agility course when Goldie ran over and did it by herself the first time.
I'll tell you the big dogs looked and felt a little stupid that the little twirp one uped them.
That's why she was my little girl !!! Always outdoing the other guy. She was so
much like me- a Type A personality and the guts to prove it. I'll try to find
that picture of Goldie.
I have talked about the picture alot so I though you would enjoy seeing it.


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