Thursday, December 4, 2008

unpacking the Lladro

Last night Mark and I unpacked some of the most beautiful
treasures I have ever seen.

When we visited Mark's mom, she gave us a beautiful curio cabinet
that his dad had built and the contents which included her collection of
Lladro. (pronouced yad-ro)
Lladro is from Spain and they are figurines made by brilliant artists.
Each one is signed Lladro and numbered. The detail on each piece is incredible,
especially their faces.
We were very nervous about transporting these beautiful pieces, especially in
the snowy weather and alongside a cabinet that could move at any moment
and take them all out. I am happy to report they all made it home in one piece.

Now I have to figure out what they are worth and add them to the insurance
policy. The cabinet looks beautiful in our living room and immediately we could
feel dad's presence. Does anybody know any sources for Lladro values?

Their are 13 pieces in all. We can't decide if the geese came together or individually.
My favorite is the clown. It is extrordinary.
Thanks mom for giving us this beautiful collection and the cabinet. We will take
very good care of each piece.
When I walked by the cabinet this morning I felt like I was being watched. Some of
the eyes look so real.


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