Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stuck in Chicago

Mark made it from Europe to Chicago where he is stuck til morning.

I'm not sure what we are expecting in the way of snow anymore because the
forecast keeps changing. Anyway, I am kind of prepared to shovel more in
the morning.
My MS body is still hurting from the workout yesterday but I really don't
have a choice. My neighbor will be here to do the very long driveway and I'll
do what I can with the backyard.
If we keep getting snow like we have been the dogs will be able to step over
the fence. I don't really know where to put all the snow. I just hope Mark doesn't
have to do much when he gets home.
He has informed me he has food poisoning. Not too much flying, especially from
Europe when you are sick to your stomach.
At least he can get some rest before he attempts another flight.


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