Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting ready for the Holidays

Today Mark, my hubby, put the lights on the tree and then hung the ornaments on it.
I was in the middle of a project for a MS organization plus I really didn't trust my hands
with all those beautiful ornaments.
Many of them are glass and all are special. Mark and I have been married for 21 years
and we have exchanged ornaments each and every year. It is always the first ornament
hung on the tree.
He bought me a beautiful round ball ornament from Amsterdam when he was in Europe
recently. I got him( although it has not arrived yet for some reason) an ornament
shaped like a sheltie dog in memory of our beloved Goldie. The tree looks more and
more beautiful each year. It is a fake tree but a very nice one. Allergies and a male Dog kept us from having a real one. We did have real ones for a while but I couldn't breathe (asthma).

Mark also decorated around the house with nutcrackers ( a gift from his parents) and my snowmen or should I say snow people. I love snowmen. Their faces are always happy and smiling.
I think we will skip the outside decorations this year. Last year it was upseting and disturbing to find someone had vandalized them. We had mechanical reindeer. Someone had smashed the heads of them and left them in pieces. I thank God we don't have kids and they had to see that.
We do, however, live next to a park. I would have a hard time explainig why somebody would do something so mean.
In the past the reindeers were tampered with. As I said, they are mechanical and move.
We woke up one morning and found them doing it on the front porch. Again, I am glad
we don't have kids. It wasn't til 1:00 in the afternoon on a Sunday we noticed.
I wish a neighbor would have told us.
It had been a few years after the " doing it" incident that we put them back out there but last year I has surgery two days before Thanksgiving and really needed a push getting into the spirit of the holidays.
I was so upset I wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper. In it I said it is a good thing we don't have an eye for an eye in this country. The paper called me and asked if I wanted it printed that way and I told them maybe we should delete that line. I was upset when I wrote it.

Anyway, my home is in the spirit. I have all the gifts bought. Tomorrow or maybe tonight I will start wrapping with hopes they are in the mail on Tuesday. The cards will be mailed on Monday.

This will be a busy week. I hope I don't over do it with my MS. My MS Support group's party is Tuesday and we are expecting 8-12 inches of snow. I am not sure if we should cancel. I really don't want people with MS driving in that kind of weather or temperature.

Ho Ho Ho from Wisconsin where it was ZERO degrees this morning. Brrr !


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