Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's still snowing !

It's still snowing and I'm putting my boots on and braving the
elements anyway.
We'll see how chipper I am when I return.

Been feeling a little down the past few days. Everybody talks about
spending time with "family" and I know mine ( the DNA part not the wonderful
married part) doesn't really care or doesn't really know me anymore.
Since my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and my mom pretended she also had it
things have gone from bad to worse.
Every year I think things will change. Every year somebody encourages me to
believe they wll change.
So Sunday I was feeling down. Yesterday the most beautiful bouquet of flowers
arrived. I thought Mark had sent them but the card was addressed to both
of us.
I carried them to the kitchen table and read the card.
They were from Mark's brother and his family. I called my sister in law to
thank them and had a wonderful conversation. Just getting caught up.
This very kind gesture couldn't have come at a better time. It reminded me
that "family" isn't DNA but the people who come into your life and become
a family. I am truly blessed for marrying into this family.
We are dissapointed we can't be there for Christmas but traveling around
the holidays is just too stressful for me. Maybe in a few years when I am
feeling more confident but this time of year brings out the nutty, rude and
downright stupid travelers and I don't have the patience for that.

Ok, I have one boot on. Wish me luck. There is probably about 4 ft of snow
piled up in some parts of our yard.


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