Friday, May 29, 2009

Walkin the Mall

Today I went for a walk at the Mall. I also had lunch with my friend there and bought a really cute necklace to wear with a dress.

I have been searching for a necklace and this one jumped right out at me. I also bought it at claire's so it was dirt cheap but it looks expensive.

The weather was really beautiful today and I probably could have gotten away with walkin the streets LOL but I already had plans for lunch. It was around 72 today and didn't rain Yeah

Although it felt like it was going to rain at any moment because it was so humid. Just enough to frizz my naturally curly hair.

It was a much shorter walk than I had planned on but it was a walk just the same. I wore my MS Walk team shirt that says Navigating the journey of MS on the front and my team sponsors on the back.
I was surprised at how many people said hello to me today. I have been doing an experiment since the first of the year saying hello to everybody I walk by. It's exhausting but somebody has to do it.
I am rather shocked how many people can't even muster a smile. Today seemed to be different. 9 out of 10 people said Hello back verbally. It made my day and hopefully it made their day.

Don't forget to smile today. It makes people wonder what your up to. hahahaha!

Have a great day everybody! Thanks Libby and Thomas for posting info about my business.
I really appreciate it.



Libby said...

hey cathy...well, my biogen rep cld today, they trained the nurses thus week, so, i'm just waiting to get a schedule!

Diane said...

Sounds like the perfect day! It is sad people don't say hello more often.

Looking forward to talking to you.