Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reminder about my shirt saying contest

Thank you everybody who has emailed me shirt sayings for my MS business.

I knew there were alot of very creative people out there.

I have actually recieved no duplications. I have recieved very similar ones.

So I'll get organized soon and post them on the blog for the contest probably in about a week or so.

Again, I want to add some new shirts to my webiste and I am asking
for your help.
You can email your ideas to Please don't post them as a comment.

I want my readers to vote on them and the winner or winners will recieve a shirt and bragging rights.

thanks again for your help. This has been alot of fun. Thanks to my fellow MS bloggers that posted this request on your blog. You guys are the best.

The sun is out ( finally) I feel very chipper so I'm going to go " have fun" and play like a bunny in meadow. Enjoy the day. Seize the moment !


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