Wednesday, May 13, 2009

busy, busy, busy

The past few days have been so busy. I seem to move
two steps forward ( no pun intended) and one step back.

Yesterday the business went beserk ( which actually is a good thing).
I had so many orders and phone calls. By early afternoon I was feeling
a little overwhelmed.
I sat myself down and had a good long talk about relaxing and doing things one
by one and then they will all get done. Put some music on and tackled the
evergrowing pile.
Meanwhile I couldn't get my own website to print properly. I had friends all over
the place trying to get it to print properly. We quickly realized it wasn't my
printer but something going coo coo internally in the website. Problem resolved
with the help of my web hosting/ designing company. Thanks for all your help.

I slowly worked my way thru all my orders. Mark is shipping them today. He
makes a great shipping clerk. LOL
I am trying to get back to blogging everyday. It is raining and I have plans to
have lunch/ mid afternoon snack with a friend today.

Don't forget to vote on the shirt saying you like best. Contest to the right. Thanks

And don't forget about my new line of cooling products. As the weather gets warmer, please don't overheat.
I'm geared up and ready to go. I've got my cooling vest here ready to pt on. All I need is sunshine. Oh wait, it's Wisconsin !!

Have a great day everybody.


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1 comment:

Libby said...

...sunshine...merely a's getting ready to rain here...matter of fact, i just heard thunder...