Friday, May 1, 2009

Amazing Race for MS

I don't know how many of you are following Phil Keoghan's ( from the Amazing Race TV show)
ride across America but it has truly been inspiring.
He is riding from LA to NY to raise money and awareness for MS.

He is on day 32 with it scheduled to end early May.
I have been following it on facebook but I am sure it is available on many places on the internet.
He does a video diary at the end of the day. He is starting to look really tired but as he said today he is even more determined to finish this ride.

He had a bad spill the other day. The video was hard to watch. His face bleeding, someone tending to his knee. He was riding with a bike tech so they were able to get the bike fixed up.

In one town, probably the most touching video, he noticed a young girl riding without a helmet. He stopped and gave her one from the vehicle following them . It was a very touching moment.

He has people cheering him on all along the route. I wish he had come thru here.

It's been great keeping tabs on the ride. Thanks, Phil, for doing this for those of us with MS.
With people like you we will find a cure.

Be safe. Try to dodge the railroad tracks next time.

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Libby said...

he is doing great! all of us ms'rs thank him wholeheartedly!!