Thursday, May 7, 2009

getting organized !!! LOL

I am finally getting on top of all this stuff going on.
I finished my last bracelet order ( until we pick up the mail tomorrow)

My fingers weren't being very cooperative for bracelet making so I was feeling a
little overwhlemed. But it is done and all packaged up.

Mark is back in town but went into the office for the afternoon. He called and asked
me what I had planned to have for dinner and I said what can you pick up?

That's one less thing to do this afternoon. I think he is going to this new pizza place.
We have had other food from there but a pizza sounds really good. ( sorry Cindy)
I think we both have Italy on our minds so we were looking for something more authentic.
I'll make it up to you during football season. LOL

I got a call the other day that I was chsen to be an MSF Ambassador. MSF ( Multiple Sclerosis
Foundation) is a wonderful organization that has been so supportive of me and my MS, my business, etc. That is the organization that puts on the cruise every year. Check it out so
you can join me next year. We are going to Alaska.
So, I'm not real sure what my role will be but I am certainly excited about this opportunity.
Our little town could use someone like me to help change things.

I ordered a cheesecake for my mother in law for Mother's Day. She loves cheesecake and sweets and is way to thin so we thought this would be perfect. It is chocolate decadence and I
was drooling while ordering it. I have bought many things from them. It should be there tomorrow. Sssh Don't tell her, I know she hates the computer so I can safely say she is not reading my blog.
For my DNA mother, well, I sent nothing. She won't acknowledge me as her daughter
because I have cooties or MS or cancer or something. Oh well.

I am working on putting together all my wonderful shirt sayings that people sent to me.
They will be posted shortly. I promise.

Have a great day everybody. The sun is shining again and my phone reminds me how
happy I am when it rings. I changed the ringtone to "walking on sunshine"
Mark said that song was more reflective of me than " So what". Good answer, Mark.
He actually picked it out.



Lisa Emrich said...

Hey Cathy,

Julie left the following comment with slogans on my blog post:

I look "so good" because MS is not a disease of the face.

MS = Mind Sparkles

"MS? You mean I'm not just lazy?"

Julie Baker

Lisa Emrich said...

Constant fatigue?
Bizarre symptoms?
Unexplained numbness?

Dr. House, do I have MS ?!!

Julie M. Baker said...

Thanks for posting, Lisa. I love your House one. Every single week I laugh when Dr. Gregory House and his team rule out MS. Another idea: I have MS? But Dr. House always rules that out!

Cathy said...

You guys are so funny. I love the Dr. House one.
Lisa, I got the ones from Julie.

Thaks so much