Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Started Physical Therapy today

Today I started physical therapy and it went well. It was about 85 degrees and my body was not working well.
It probably was a good thing because they got to see me at my worst. I really want to do the MS Walk next year and although I am walking more and more each day I don't think I am walking

My hip seems to burn alot and my lower back is always sore.
We worked alot on my abs and she gave me some exercises to do. Similar to what I am already doing she was able to correct my position so I wasn't causing any damage to my body.
I have been to this facility before and they are truly wonderful to deal with.

I want to push my body as far as I can before I lose the ability to use it at all.

I appreciate the support I have recieved in my attempt to do the walk next year. People who have believed in me. People who have the same goal as I do to never give up. Thank you Jeff for believing in me. I know I have told you this but I really needed someone to think I can do this walk. It means alot to me. You are truly a special guy.

I will not go down without a fight. I just don't want to go down. Face plants aren't my thing.

I have so many people who want to line the MS Walk route for me and cheer me on. That in itself means so much. Hopefully it won't be 85 degrees or I'll be on my hubby's shoulders as we cross the finish line. LOL
I am goingto take it one step at a time. I'm still very excited about this and I promise to give it my best. After all that's all I can do.

On a sad note, The world lost a very special person this past week. I really wanted to dedicate an entire blog to her but I want to respect her family's privacy.
We will miss you Amy. Your were a beautiful person inside and out. Although we jokingly referred to ourselves as " stalkers" only you and I know what that really meant.
I will miss you, my friend. Rest in Peace.
Amy was only 51 and died after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.

Have a great day everybody.


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Libby said...

pancreatic cancer is a horrible disease...people that have to go thru that are very special people.
best of luck with your pt, cathy! i'm going to try to schedule pt once i get my ty sched...IF biogen EVER calls me back...i've called them every week, they always say they'll call back in a couple days, but do they? hell, no, i end up calling them again!