Saturday, May 23, 2009

A pie in the face for MS

You know how I love to share stories like this.
The thing with this one is the person with multiple sclerosis is only in the
sixth grade. Yes, the sixth grade.

The students at Manhattan's Amanda Arnold Elementary School had a special end-of-the-year assembly today.
The school has been collecting "Bucks for Breckin" to help a sixth grader with Multiple Sclerosis buy a new wheelchair.
And to sweeten the deal, the more money the grade schoolers collected-the more teachers they got to throw pies at.
The school raised $2,860, and donations are still coming in.
McDonald's is matching the donations, and so far the total collected is $6,120, a good way to end the school year.

When I was first diagnosed I remember saying " there is always someone worse
off than me" . Folks, this is a sixth grader with multiple sclerosis.

Damn we need to find a cure !


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