Friday, May 8, 2009

Shirt Sayings contest

I'll start by saying a huge thank you to all of you who emailed me, twittered me, called me
and facebooked me your wonderful ideas.

Thank You to my wonderful fellow MS bloggers who helped me get the word out.

I couldn't list everybody's ideas so I listed the ones I thought would fit best on a t shirt ( space concerns) and the ones I received numerous times.

Vote as often as you would like. Share this with a friend or two. Let's have some fun
with this.
And of course, the winner will receive a shirt with the saying on it and of course, the more
popular, bragging rights.

I love this one saying but I think it is too long for a shirt so I thought I would at least share it with you...
"feet are made for walkin' & that's just what they'll do, walk all over MS & stomp it out too"

Thanks Anne for submitting this ( sorry I don't twitter, I'm a techno dork) and thanks
Lisa for passing it along.

Have fun with this everybody and have a great day.



Libby said...

i voted! i had to go for msbehavin! & i kinda think that fits you, from what i know...?

Herrad said...

Hi Cathy,

Great fun I voted for MSbehaving.