Thursday, May 14, 2009

It has to be noon somewhere !

Is it okay to drink in the afternoon? This coming from the world's cheapest date and
a lightweight when it comes to having a drink.

I just followed up on my broken necklace. The store Mark bought it from sold him an
extended warranty. When he brought it to them he was advised they no longer honor this warranty so he was suppose to take care of it himself. The paperwork we were given is plastered all over it with instructions on how to file a claim. BRING IT TO THE STORE.
Now I realize I have MS but that seems pretty easy to understand.
We made the store take care of it as there literature promises they will.
Now over a month later I decided to call to follow up on my necklace and they have
no record of it. I called the store and sure enough it has been sitting on her desk for all this time.
Now again, I do have MS but how the bleeeeeep is it going to get fixed if it is sitting on your desk.

I told her I am coming by tomorrow to pick up my $500 necklace that has been sitting on her desk. I should have reminded her that while I do have MS I also have a big mouth and healthy lungs. She may not want me in her store. Nothing worse than a disabled chick in tears.
I am so fed up. Why don't people do their jobs? Have we really become that lazy of a society that we just can't do our jobs? Can anybody even spell customer service anymore?
Some of us would love to still be employed. With the half ass job most people I could do a better job and oh yeah, I have MS.

So now I am at square one and guess who gets to tell Mark that my anniversary present has been sitting on her desk for over a month.

Good grief ! Maybe I'll hand him a glass of wine when he gets home.


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Libby said...

...maybe a bottle of tequila!