Friday, May 22, 2009

Chatty Cathy

Tonight I joined Joan's chat room. Had a good time with the girls.

They are funny and by Friday I need a good laugh.

Only stayed for a little bit because Mark is packing for Sweden and I
wanted to spend sometime with him before he left.
It'll be a quiet holiday but maybe I'll get caught up on some things. Like

I got an order of stuffed bears in today so I was counting bears, sorting
them to see what colors I got ( they come assorted) and then taking their
pictures. It was if they were posing.
I had to brush the hair ot of their eyes, wrap a ribbon around their necks
and snap their picture before they all fell down.
It took alot longer than I thoght it would.

Then I had to start dinner. I started the baby backs early in the day and smell
them all afternoon. They were yummy though.

Mark came home a little early after going to the business PO Box. And low and behold
an order. So we scrambled to get it put together and off Mark went back to
the Post Office. Otherwise it wouldn't have gone out til Tuesday.

I have a couple of movies lined up for the weekend ( if I can find two hours to sit still)
and watch them. The dogs and I will curl up together on the couch and just chill.
It should be fun.

Not much else going on just taking it easy. Dinner tomorrow is defrosting in
the fridge. Leftover spinach pasta with artichokes. A little champagne and I'm
all set.

Have a great weekend everybody.


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Joan said...

Hi Cathy, Thank you for joining Friday's chat. I really appreciated having you to talk to about my cooling vest. At first I was ready to send it back, but now I understand it better and am wearing it right now. It's getting downright chilly! I needed a serious cooling down after being in an UN-air-conditioned home all afternoon (and we're in the high 80's right now).

Because I'm so short waisted, it fits better if I use my yoga strap as a belt to tighten it up.

Thanks again for coming to the chat and for recommending this cooling vest!