Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Support Group

I was invited to a support group meeting tonight.

In early March I had the pleasure of meeting two people ( from this group)
at a NMSS function. I gave them both my card ( as anybody would do who is
trying to promote a business ) LOL

I had posted on my business website my next speaking event for Tysabri.

The next thing I knew both had sent me an email that they were coming to
the event. Wow ! I was so excited. They indicated they would be bringing
other people with them. Now I was even more excited and I have to admit more
I don't mind speaking in front of people but now I knew people in the audience. eeek !

At the event in early April I met up with them and noticed about 15 of them had come
there to hear little ol me speak. And thank you for not heckling me ( you know who I am referring to) LOL

I was truly touched. I recieved many invites to their support group meeting and I
thought to myself " am I ready for another support group?"
As many of you know I ws the co-faciliatator to the group here in town for a few years.
I recently ended my role as faciliatator for a variety of reasons.

I thought to myself as I was looking around the room that night. Nobody from the
support group I had put my heart and soul into and yet 15 or so people from a
neighboring support group all their to support me and hear about Tysabri.

That's when the lightbulb went on. I realized how much I needed a support group
that really supported me, with no strings attached.

I will not be able to attend tonight. Late Dr. appt., Mark is out of town, and it would just
be too rushed for me.

Thanks for the invite, support group, I will try to make it in June. i'm looking forward to
getting to know all of you better.



Jen said...


I'm finally getting my butt over here. I have been swamped with homework and, well, PROCRASTINATION. But I browsed some of your recent posts and I do feel very AKIN to you. Can totally relate with many things, including some stuff about the type of blog you have.

You keep going, lady, because the people who really "get it" will support you! And I totally get you and am glad to see you here. WOOT!


Libby said...

cathy, many good wishes for the June meeting! biogen is training the nurses at the hospital here, so i should start tysabri by the end of the month!!