Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wow ! My legs got a workout

Yesterday Mark took the day off ( vacation from last year that runneth over so he had to take a day off).
We went to a really large mall about 40 minutes away and decided to just shop. Just in case I overdid it we brought my manual wheelchair.
When we walked in we noticed a restaurant we go to on the river with our boat.
I din't realize they also had a location at the mall. We decdied we would treat ourselves to a sit down lunch. A nice restaurant instead of fast food. We all know how I feel about fast food. Yuck !
I had a wonderful blackened salmom wrap ( that probably was a 1000 calories disguised as healthy)

I had my pedometer on and we just walked and shopped. He was on a mission to buy a new suit. One store advertised a great sale ( which sucked) and we ended up in Macy's. A real store. We don't have real stores in the city I live in. I almost fell over watching and looking at all the pretty displays.
It has been a long time since we were at a Macy's. I would probably like shopping more if we had any decent places to shop in town. We also have a hard time finding the sizes we need here so we have to shop elsewhere. I could never find a small size here. I do most of my shopping online.

After the mall, we went grocery shopping. An employee at the store and I always compare pedometers. She walked 14,000 steps one day. Wow! She is always running around the store
helping customers so I am not surpised.

I probably walked close to 2 miles yeaterday. Last night was rough, my calves kept cramping.

Today I have to finish up some stuff for the walk, make a few thank you notes, a sign for our team photo. No orders so far today but I wouldn't mind working that into my schedule.
This month has been so busy for all parts of our lives. Except Mark's travel. Yeah!

So I am off to do some stretching exercises and maybe later we'll do a lap around the block. It is suppose to be 70 degrees today so I am not sure a walk outside is a good idea.

Have a great day everybody !


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Libby said...

good job on the walking & eating (somewhat) healthy! at least it wasnt a big mac!!

Cathy said...

My legs hurt so bad today though.
I want a massage !

Libby said...

hahaha...can't help you with that one...that's what husbands are for, silly!