Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why my dogs make me laugh !

This morning my dogs were so eager to go outside they did something that
made me laugh.
I have tried very hard to teach them doggie etiquette and to respect each other but sometimes
excitement takes over and well, they forget.
This morning they attempted to run thru the doggie door together. Now, I know they love each other but there wasn't much love going on when I was trying to unwedge their asses from between the sides of the doggie door. It was however very funny after they were unwedged.
I guess I'll have to retrain them on doggie doors. Classes start tommorow morning. We'll call it doogie door 101.

I went out for a little while today and when I arrived home I was greeted with the usual excitement of " mommies home". They danced around me and I gave them both hugs. I had a few things to carry in so I grabbed a large box that UPS left on my doorstep, my purse, my cane and the mail which was on the foyer floor.
I scooped it all up in two trips and settled down on the couch to regroup. I realized I was a dog short. I called Noelle and got no response. I thought she was outside but I couldn't find her.
Lately, she has been running upstairs as a little game so I drug myself upstairs to look for her.

All the while, I called her name. I started to panic. Where the heck was she? I hoped she hadn't jumped the fence in all that excitement of me coming home.
I came in the house and looked everywhere. Still calling her name and almost in tears by this point I heard her bark.
But I still couldn't find her. I decided if this was a game I wasn't having fun.
Meanwhile, Ripley is hugging my legs like I was going to lose him too.
Finally I heard her bark again and realized when I closed the door to the foyer she was inside.
oops! When I opened the door she came slithering out real close to the ground and darted outside. I followed her but she was moving much faster than I was.
When I got out back she was squatting and doing her business.

I guess I literally scared the s*&t out of the poor thing.

A couple of hugs later and I was forgiven and all was forgotten. Except for me, who was wiping the teary mascara ( or what was left of it) off my face.
Good grief. why is we have dogs anyway? Because they make me laugh, and they make me cry and I can't imagine my life without those furry creatures.



Libby said...

oh cathy, i love to read stories about what a dog did! i don't have a dog, but i have truman, my big gray cat...i love him, but, dogs do a lot more that;s funny...truman's just cuddly & lovable!

Anonymous said...

Our dog is funny too. I love to read about other people's experiences with their dogs.

They are our comfort.