Saturday, April 11, 2009

Planning a vacation

Mark & I have been trying to plan a summer vacaion and have gone back and forth as to where to go.

We thought about Hawaii, about a weekend in New York, trying to get together with my cousins from Philly and about a half dozen other options.
Traveling with MS has always had those barriers. Not everywhere is handicap accessible. What about the heat? Steps? Walking distances?
I think everywhere has some kind of obstacle but I am convinced we can find a solution.
Especially since I am feeling better. I believe we need to do this before I can't do it.
We have gone around and around in circles trying to chose a place.
I think we both just need a week off where we don't have to do anything.

We are close to finalizing a decsion and will report shortly what we have decided.
Haven't figured out how to deal with the business while we are gone but I am sure we will figure it out.
Mark needs to get away so nobody can find him. good luck !



Anonymous said...

We are going on a 5 day, 4 night cruise (Carnival because it was the cheapest!) leaving on the 27th home on May 1.

No cell phones, no land lines unless I pick up one to order room service and no one from home bothering me unless I bring them with me. And I'm not!

Nothing but buffet after buffet dinner, sit down service in the dining room if I want to go and room service to have sensuous sumptuous food ready the moment I open my eyes!

The tip is $10 a day charged to credit card and takes care of everyone who serves me onboard so I don't have to have a wad of those pesky $1 bills to hand out at every turn.

And best of all,

no cooking! is where I booked it. Look into it. You deserve it!

I am handicapped too and cruises are geared nowadays to be user friendly.


Anonymous said...

Last minute vacation cost us $300 per person plus $120 r/t airfare on Southwest to Miami.

I hope you get to go on A vacation to somewhere and get pampered.

Cathy said...


We actually have used vacationstogo before and just finalized our plans with them. Stay tuned for my post and reveal as to where we chose to go.

Cathy said...


Have loads of fun on your cruise. Enjoy the weather, the overpriced drinks, and I'm with you on NO cooking.