Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walking on sunshine

I've been so busy lately I haven't had much time to post anything or read everybody else's blog. I am getting caught up.

The MS Walk is on April 26 and I am on the committee plus I am the team captain for our team. Although I am not walking this year I have so much to do.

Mark is in Detroit,one of his favorite places, and will be home tonight. He's been complaining about the rain and I am having a hard time being compassionate because I am sitting here in shorts. Yeeks ! April in Wisconsin and I'm in shorts.
Ok, so I just worked out and I wanted to be comfortable and not overheat.
I think I may have worked my abs too much becauseI am feeling some pain. Oops!
People with multple sclerosis shouldn't over heat. yada yada yada.

Tomorrow I am going to the mall to go for a walk. I have had numerous offers to join me but I really want or need to go by myself so I don't get sidetracked. It's hard enough with all the sales signs in the windows.
Once I get in more practice I will take you all up on your offers. I will probably need some motivation by that point so get your knock knock jokes ready incase I need a laugh.
3 miles is my goal so I can walk the MS Walk next year. I'm okay with how my body is doing.

This morning I put ribbons around the necks of all my bears that are on my website for sale.
The office had cute little bear faces looking at me from every angle. I had to package them up because I was laughing instead of working. they are all done and ready to bring to sell at the MSWalk.
I am also making bracelets to bring but my fingers aren't working so well today so I will do that later.
I made a flyer to put in the goodie bags for the walkers however as I was folding them last night I got a really bad paper cut. No bandaids nearby so I had to throw out the flyers that I bled on. Ooooh ! I'm a bleeder.

The dogs are sleeping. One, as usual, is snoring. Only 100 more things to do on my to do list. By tomorrow I'll have several more. I'd like to toss the Blackberry in the trash because it keeps flashing. Isn't there an "app" that tells the Blackberry I already have too much to do.

Have a great sunny warm beautiful day !


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Hi Cathy:
Our MS walk is coming up to and we are team captains as well.
April 26.
Robert over at